How Accurate Is Reverse Cell Phone Lookup With Phone Detective

If you have received harassing call or prank calls, you already are looking to stop them, especially if the calls are coming too frequently. Then you do a simple search on the Internet for the term: "reverse cell phone lookup" and you will find several services that offer you the chance to find the complete identity of the caller.

How Accurate Is Phone Detective?

It is impossible to do a comparison of several of the services around, simply because finding accurate data is based in many factors. You could have the best database of cell phone numbers in the US, but still can't find the details about a specific number, but based on the refund rate of the phone detective service, it is safe to bet that 90% of people searching the database, will have success finding all the information about specific phone numbers.

How I came up with this number? Well, it is pretty simple. Phone detective is a product that have 12% refund rate, and this means that 12% of people who bought the service, ask for a refund, but many refunders is people that got results with the service but want their money back anyways (by the way this is like stealing). Some people will not get results with the service and will not ask for the refund either because it is not much money at stake and will be not worth their time. So, around 10% will be the people that won't get good results with the service approximately.

You Will Have To Trust

Phone Detective is one of the most known services on the Internet for searching information about cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers (the other numbers are easier to investigate, still phone detective will be an easy way to reveal who is behind those numbers). They are offering this service for years and with all that experience, you will have good result. It is like searching for a lawyer, you will not know if one lawyer is better than other, you have just hear what each has to say about your situation and next you will have to select one of them. Maybe you will prefer one lawyer with more years in his career than other lawyer who is just starting out. This is the exact same issue here. Phone detective has many, many years in business and in all this time, they had built a name in the industry, making them a safe bet.

How Phone Detective Works In The US?

Investigation more information about phone numbers is not a tough job today due to reverse telephone number look up services like Phone Detective. By using this reliable service, you can easily track your desired phone number to know about the person behind the call. With the help of this service, you can find unknown caller name, address as well as any other details data from its records to clear any doubts about the person.

How It Is Done?

To initiate the process, you just have to open your preferred web browser, go the Phone Detective Web Site, and in less than 1 minute, you will have complete access to all the information about the phone number you are searching. Although you could also start free searches on the Internet, this is not recommended because you will end up finding a lot of old data and even you could find false information because shady marketers create a lot of fake social networking accounts in order to promote products under different names. Although we don't recommend doing free reverse lookup searches on the Internet, you could do it if you get convincing data and you don't want to spend any money on this, but if you put some value to your time, we recommend that you go to the recommended website and do a paid search to get reliable results every time, very fast.

Are There Free Reliable Reverse Lookup Services?

If you want to search for a landline, the answer is YES. Almost all telephone companies publish free directories that almost all the time are published also on the web, to do a fast search, but if you want to search for a cell phone number or an unlisted numbers, the simple answer is NO. There are no reliable reverse lookup services to search for cellphone because telecommunications can't publish that info because of privacy laws. Companies like Phone Detective gather all the information needed from different sources paid and public and clean all the data to offer reliable information to the public for a very small fee.

Research Helps You To Get Some Assistance:

Now, you can find a number of reverse telephone number look up service companies in both local and on the Internet easily, but not all companies will bring you the best results, especially when you are paying a subscription fee. If you are going for a single search, almost every company out there could help you because almost all of them offer a money back guarantee. For example: Phone Detective is sold through Clickbank, a very known payment processor that always honors refunds for 6 weeks from the purchase, so if you are not comfortable with the service, you could request your money back and nothing happens, but this company is really helpful when dealing with a subscription because you will find better results when you use a better company, so your investment will be very well spent.

Data You Could Get

These companies are maintaining huge databases of telephone numbers, so you can trace any number easily from it. These reverse telephone number look up service companies are maintaining all types of data within their database such as: mobile phone numbers, business, pager, toll free number, address and past addresses of the person.

Look For Payment Options

Reverse telephone number look up service providers like Phone Detective are offering large amounts of money to cellular carriers to get some access to their databases, so they have to ask for money to fund the service. Normally you have two payment options: a one time fee that enables you to make one search and a subscription that will enable you make any number of searches you wish. Sometime people have received some unknown phone calls at odd hours while working or by night. No one like such type of issues in his or her life, so he move for this service to track this issues to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. By using Phone Detective, you can easily pick the person behind these calls. As a parent, this sort of call in his or her child mobile is more worrisome task to manage. Thanks to reverse telephone number look up service, one can comfortable sleep at night to those already suffering from this matter. Due to these reasons, this service is excellent to manage any sorts of unwanted issues within their life.

Aware About Fake Service Providers

However, you can’t get good results from each and every service provider that offers this service because they some look for good profit and popularity. To pick the right one from the deluge of providers you take my advice or do your own research, but that is always tough for a newbie. If you are really serious about such service to get rid of your problems, just select Phone Detective and you are a minute away from solving our problem. Basically, searching for cell phone numbers is a task too difficult for most people.

Nowadays there is the service that will help you; it is called as the Phone Detective. Many people need to cope with the annoying telephone calls and they have been forced to handle this by tracing the phone calls to put end to the problem, which generally leaves them very frustrated. Tracing the phone calls is very helpful since they may have an ability of knowing if they are actually dealing with the young adult trying to make any silly jokes or it is the real threat.

How To Track a Phone Number In The US Without Being Caught?

There are numerous reasons for tracking a phone number. The most common reason for tracking a phone number is to catch a cheating spouse, track teen’s activity, track the source of threatening or harassing calls, business enquiry, finding old friend and many others. However, finding the owner details of a landline number is not that difficult because you can ask for the details to 411 services or simply take a look on the normal telephone directory.

But, if the number is a cell phone number, it is very difficult to track the number because there are no official resources like 411 or telephone directory available to make your query. Normally, reverse lookup is available for both; landlines and unlisted numbers like: cell phone, fax numbers, and VoIP numbers.

The Reverse Lookup Service

But fortunately, there is a special service available to track phone numbers. The technology is called reverse lookup. Reverse lookup can be found in two different flavors. They are reverse lookup for cell phones or unlisted numbers and reverse lookup for email. Nevertheless, we’re discussing about reverse lookup services to find information related to cell phone numbers.

How It Works?

First of all, it is important to know how reverse lookup services works. As mentioned earlier, there is no official source available for making your query for cell phone numbers, that is why third party web services collect the number details from various official and unofficial sources like: the carrier itself and unofficial sources like: social networking platforms, business directories, job portals, yellow pages and other sources.

If you get any threatening or harassing calls and you want to know who is behind the numbers, then you can do three things. The first is lodge your complaint in the nearby police station and they will investigate the matter. The second option is hire a personal investigator but that involves lots of money and sometimes they also work as "Double Agent" and third and probably the best option is do a reverse lookup. It is more cost effective than the PI (private investigator) and it involves no risk. It is proven that sometimes private investigators do unethical things and although this doesn’t mean all PI’s are unethical, it is true that some of them disclose the privacy and other details to another party for money. So, hiring a private investigator is not a really good idea.

It Is Not Fool Proof

On the other hand, I have to make clear that reverse lookup services are not fool proof, however there are lots of reverse lookup services that offer more than 95% of accurate data. As mentioned earlier, the data comes from unofficial sources. That is why it is impossible to verify the huge volume of data.

Very Easy To Use

Using a reverse lookup service is pretty simple and straightforward. First of all, buy your subscription, fill a small and simple registration form along with your payment details, choose your subscription and register. Once you confirm your account, you’re ready to make a search. Login to your account, type the 10 digit mobile number and hit the search now button. Immediately, the system generates a report.

Evaluate The Offer

Before buying your subscription, it is recommended that you evaluate your requirements. Usually, the subscriptions can be classified under two categories. They are: monthly subscription and every search based subscription. In monthly subscription, you can make unlimited search from your account. On the other hand, every search based subscription; you’ve to pay the fee for each search that you do. When you pay for money, it is your legal right to get the right information. Be sure your service provider keep hidden your personal details if any and the financial details. That is why; it is recommended that you take care of two essential aspects. The first aspect is: do not enter any personal information on those sites, if any site asking for your personal information during registration, simply avoid them because it is quite possible that they will sell your information to other people.

Information You Will Get

Usually, good service providers offer a wide range of information apart from the basic information like: owner’s name, address and the carrier. They also provide more advanced background information like: business details, credit details, sex offense, criminal offense if any and many other details that can help you take proper action against the caller. Additionally, some companies offer some additional information such as: family details, employment information, marriage, divorce information, for an additional fee.

Check For Secure Payment

The second thing is to make sure that the website use a secure payment gateway and proper encryption to encrypt your financial data. Reverse Phone Detective use Clickbank as their payment processor, so you are protected by their strong guarantee of 6 weeks to get your money back if you are not satisfied for any reason.

If you decide for other service, the best way to ensure that is a secure site is checking for the "secure seal" on the website. "Secure seal" providers like VeriSign, eTrust and other security services enables websites to securely process the user’s financial data. If you take care of those two aspects you probably will be safe.

Check The Reputation Of The Service

Another important thing is to check the reputation of the company. Unlike traditional products and services, you can’t check the business credibility directly from users. Still, you can check the reputation of a given compay. You can check user reviews from their website or other third party websites. Hopefully, you can take your decision based on them.

Some Caution

Last but not the least; never discuss with your search related issues/queries in any public forum with your content details. Because if the public forum crawled by major search engine then it is possible that your name or any other details come in search engine results. So, it is suggested that do not post your question in any public forum with the number.

Finally, make sure that the service provider offer a money back guarantee if you didn’t get any result. Phone number services normally offer a complete money back guarantee because they know the small area of uncertainty and value customer’s money. Reverse lookup services are always paid services and there is no such free reverse lookup service available over the Internet. So, don’t be scammed and make your selection carefully and get the complete benefit of the service.

How To Do Phone Tracking Without Spending Too Much?

Phone tracking is a wide term that used differently in the telecommunication arena. Usually, phone tracking can be misunderstood with different technologies. Nowadays, the old mobile phones are gone, now people use Smartphones. They're more than a simple cell phone. It is a Pandora box, comes with lots of fun, excitement, all-purpose entertainment and of course a great communication facility. Most importantly, every Smartphone has a computer like independent operating system and capable to install and uninstall software.

However, more often the cell phone can be tracked through special spy software. This type of software tracks and records conversations, track the text messages and report back to the administrator (i.e. who installs the software). Alternatively, some applications are specially designed to protect Smartphones from thieves. Those applications block phone access once the new SIM card is inserted and send the new number to the owner to track back the mobile phone. It is another kind of phone security application that often called phone tracking software.

Knowing More Information About Phone Numbers

Apart from this, reverse phone look up services are also treated as a phone tracking service. Reverse look up services and spying software services are somewhat working in a similar way, but they also have some unique differences. In some countries, using spying software is illegal. Nevertheless, reverse look up services are used for different purposes. The most common uses of this service is - identifying prank or harassing calls, locating old friends or promote any service/product.


Finding low-cost phone tracking is not difficult, there are several aspects you need to be check before buying any subscription. There are lots of "so-called" cheap phone tracking services that are available on the Internet, but the question is - does the cheap reverse look up services work? Perhaps NO! Because "so-called" cheap services may not give you the enough information or sometimes return a wrong or even nothing! The main reason of it is - the data collection process involved a huge amount of cost. Usually, the service providers collect the information from various sources like social platforms, business directory and internal sources.

Online reverse look up is a service that offers information for a given phone number. It is actually a database that stores the information about a person, his/her address, business details or profession and much other useful information. It is an online version of your traditional 411 services or your telephone directory. But the main difference between a traditional telephone directory and a reverse look up service is - reverse look up service show all the details about a cell phone number.

How To Choose A Cheap Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

Nevertheless, the first step of selecting a cheap reverse phone look up service is collecting the details and benchmark. In this approach, search the reverse phone look up services using any major search engines and collect the services and the subscription plans. Once you receive the details and the plans, you can compare and find the best one. Alternatively, if you have any questions of any further support that are not listed in their subscription plan, you can contact their support or live chat and clarify your requirements.

In order to get the best services with affordable subscription fees, checking the feature and comparing the price is not enough. There are lots of other things that you must consider. The second thing is - check the reputation of the service. You can check their reputation over the Internet by checking the existing and previous users. You can get them from their website. Additionally, you can get the user review from different third party websites.

The third point that you check before buying - the database strength and the information they offer. This aspect is very important, because your search depends on this. Nowadays, nearly 850 million cell phone numbers are available in the United States and growing. The most problematic thing is - there are lots of look up services that offer old and outdated information and may not work for you. So, it is important that you verify the latest information. Additionally, check the information range that they offer. If they offer small information against a handsome subscription fee, then surely it is not a great deal for you! So, ask them what kind of information they offer.

Money Back Guarantees

Ask for money back guarantees and other financial confirmation to ensure the quality of the service because you're investing your hard earned money to investigate something. If your purpose is not served, then the investment doesn't make any sense! You've legal right to ask for a refund. However, that is why, it is recommended that you read the terms & conditions, uses policy and other legal warnings of that service before buying the subscription. This will free you from future hassles. Additionally, make sure that the sites do not store your personal details and use a secure payment gateway to process your payment.

Choose your subscription wisely. As mentioned earlier, a good reverse look up service come with subscription fees and if you buy a long subscription, then you may over spend! Check your requirement before buying the plan. If you get called from a specific number, then per- number based search is effective for you. On the other hand, if you get random calls from various numbers, then a monthly subscription is perfect for you, because it saves your money. So, if you check your requirement and select the plan wisely, then definitely, you can get the best deal.

In everyone's life there is a situation that needs immediate action! So, hiring a PI (Personal Investigator) may take some, so why not take a look on the details behind the number. Reverse look up is a user-friendly and easy to search system, where you can get the complete details about a number and help you to protect yourself in a better way. Lastly, it is advisable that, if you receive any prank call or threatening call, you must report it to the police or any legal agency.

Phone Reverse Detective Is Offering The Extraordinary Quality Requested By People?

If you know nothing about some phone number that appears in your bill and you need to know who the originator of that call was, you have 2 exact choices. The first one is taking the assistance of a professional searcher (a detective that will charge you an arm and a leg) and the remaining one is managing to get the information yourself. The second option is easy and effective, but only if you use a good resource on the Internet.

The option of contracting a detective is a high-priced one because this type of help tends to have a high price tag and the fees escalates by the hour. In this day and age where everything is technology driven, it is somewhat ridiculous to think at first on doing manual work to accomplish things like searching a database. The second will not be easy to perform if businesses like Phone Reverse Detective wouldn't be around offering their service.

The product is a piece of cake to take advantage of, so there are no real reasons to exclude this offer from your options to be used to investigate the information behind phone numbers. The service offers a gigantic set of information, so you could get exact results in most occasions, in seconds.


Phone Reverse Detective put you in front of a great deal of records in form of a huge database to request the information you need for any purpose, except illegal uses. You could seek out for an old pal (since listings include past address), stop prank callers on your phone or catch a woman that is cheating on you.

Phone Reverse Detective insists that clients sign a user's agreement that prohibits the use of their information in unlawful ways, but still you could find people misusing your data. If you feel anxiety about your data being public, you have a chance to take your information out of the catalog. As a customer, Phone Reverse Detective is marketed as a membership site and a cheap one-time full-phone report which is convenient for any casual user.

The service is also very useful for businesses looking to reach people that otherwise would be lost when the business was closed.