How To Track a Phone Number In The US Without Being Caught?

There are numerous reasons for tracking a phone number. The most common reason for tracking a phone number is to catch a cheating spouse, track teen’s activity, track the source of threatening or harassing calls, business enquiry, finding old friend and many others. However, finding the owner details of a landline number is not that difficult because you can ask for the details to 411 services or simply take a look on the normal telephone directory.

But, if the number is a cell phone number, it is very difficult to track the number because there are no official resources like 411 or telephone directory available to make your query. Normally, reverse lookup is available for both; landlines and unlisted numbers like: cell phone, fax numbers, and VoIP numbers.

The Reverse Lookup Service

But fortunately, there is a special service available to track phone numbers. The technology is called reverse lookup. Reverse lookup can be found in two different flavors. They are reverse lookup for cell phones or unlisted numbers and reverse lookup for email. Nevertheless, we’re discussing about reverse lookup services to find information related to cell phone numbers.

How It Works?

First of all, it is important to know how reverse lookup services works. As mentioned earlier, there is no official source available for making your query for cell phone numbers, that is why third party web services collect the number details from various official and unofficial sources like: the carrier itself and unofficial sources like: social networking platforms, business directories, job portals, yellow pages and other sources.

If you get any threatening or harassing calls and you want to know who is behind the numbers, then you can do three things. The first is lodge your complaint in the nearby police station and they will investigate the matter. The second option is hire a personal investigator but that involves lots of money and sometimes they also work as "Double Agent" and third and probably the best option is do a reverse lookup. It is more cost effective than the PI (private investigator) and it involves no risk. It is proven that sometimes private investigators do unethical things and although this doesn’t mean all PI’s are unethical, it is true that some of them disclose the privacy and other details to another party for money. So, hiring a private investigator is not a really good idea.

It Is Not Fool Proof

On the other hand, I have to make clear that reverse lookup services are not fool proof, however there are lots of reverse lookup services that offer more than 95% of accurate data. As mentioned earlier, the data comes from unofficial sources. That is why it is impossible to verify the huge volume of data.

Very Easy To Use

Using a reverse lookup service is pretty simple and straightforward. First of all, buy your subscription, fill a small and simple registration form along with your payment details, choose your subscription and register. Once you confirm your account, you’re ready to make a search. Login to your account, type the 10 digit mobile number and hit the search now button. Immediately, the system generates a report.

Evaluate The Offer

Before buying your subscription, it is recommended that you evaluate your requirements. Usually, the subscriptions can be classified under two categories. They are: monthly subscription and every search based subscription. In monthly subscription, you can make unlimited search from your account. On the other hand, every search based subscription; you’ve to pay the fee for each search that you do. When you pay for money, it is your legal right to get the right information. Be sure your service provider keep hidden your personal details if any and the financial details. That is why; it is recommended that you take care of two essential aspects. The first aspect is: do not enter any personal information on those sites, if any site asking for your personal information during registration, simply avoid them because it is quite possible that they will sell your information to other people.

Information You Will Get

Usually, good service providers offer a wide range of information apart from the basic information like: owner’s name, address and the carrier. They also provide more advanced background information like: business details, credit details, sex offense, criminal offense if any and many other details that can help you take proper action against the caller. Additionally, some companies offer some additional information such as: family details, employment information, marriage, divorce information, for an additional fee.

Check For Secure Payment

The second thing is to make sure that the website use a secure payment gateway and proper encryption to encrypt your financial data. Reverse Phone Detective use Clickbank as their payment processor, so you are protected by their strong guarantee of 6 weeks to get your money back if you are not satisfied for any reason.

If you decide for other service, the best way to ensure that is a secure site is checking for the "secure seal" on the website. "Secure seal" providers like VeriSign, eTrust and other security services enables websites to securely process the user’s financial data. If you take care of those two aspects you probably will be safe.

Check The Reputation Of The Service

Another important thing is to check the reputation of the company. Unlike traditional products and services, you can’t check the business credibility directly from users. Still, you can check the reputation of a given compay. You can check user reviews from their website or other third party websites. Hopefully, you can take your decision based on them.

Some Caution

Last but not the least; never discuss with your search related issues/queries in any public forum with your content details. Because if the public forum crawled by major search engine then it is possible that your name or any other details come in search engine results. So, it is suggested that do not post your question in any public forum with the number.

Finally, make sure that the service provider offer a money back guarantee if you didn’t get any result. Phone number services normally offer a complete money back guarantee because they know the small area of uncertainty and value customer’s money. Reverse lookup services are always paid services and there is no such free reverse lookup service available over the Internet. So, don’t be scammed and make your selection carefully and get the complete benefit of the service.

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